Amie WWM

YOU want A New career.

Do you have a clear process to get you there?

Just think about how much time we spend working in our lives! Let’s do the math:

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Hours of work/lifetime

Whew! That is a a lot of hours.

If you hate your job, you feel every one of them. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you are working for yourself or for someone else, you can find a career that is fulfilling and fun!

My approach to career transition is easy to follow and maximizes results.

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Step One.

1. Set up for success

Transitioning your career is a project that needs to be planned and tracked to get the results you want. How will you hold yourself accountable?

2. Know Thyself

Evaluating values, skills, strengths, preferences, and goals is one of the most crucial stages. Do you have a clear understanding of what really brings you joy in a career?

Step 2

Step Two.

Step 3

Step Three.

3. Position Yourself

Learning to "sell" your skills effectively gives you the confidence necessary to land a role that brings you joy. Is your resume positioned for the role you want rather than the role you have?

4. Execute your plan

Many people jump strait here. Missing steps 1-3 often means we are running from something rather than running to something. What are you running to?

Step 4

Step Four.

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Step Five.

5. Land your role

You found it! A job that will bring you joy! It isn't over. You still need to negotiate compensation and coordinate logistics. How will you navigate the actual transition?

6. Keep the Momentum

Continuous joy in a career requires nourishment. It also requires an exit strategy. What is your nourishment plan and exit strategy?


Step Six.